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Are you ready to infuse your entrepreneurial journey with a touch of magic and mystique? Welcome to the New Woo Business Crew, where intuition meets innovation, and your business thrives in harmony with the mystical energies of the universe!

🌕 Join the Crew for Just $11 A Month ☀️

🌟 What's Inside? 🌟Every month, you'll receive an enchanting digital workbook, carefully crafted to guide you on a transformative journey. Each month's theme, like Balance, Abundance or Growth, will empower you to tap into the depths of your intuition and harness the power of the mystical to supercharge your business.

📚 Workbook Wonders:
  • Printable resources like bookmarks and journal pages.
  • Inspiring journal prompts and affirmations to ignite your inner wisdom.
  • Crystal Energy of the Month and its profound meaning in your office.
  • Questions to consult your Tarot or Oracle cards for guidance and clarity.
🌙 Collective Energy Readings
  • Monthly collective energy readings, where we pull cards and look to the stars to unveil the energetic flow of the month ahead.
  • Gain insights that help you navigate your business with clarity and foresight.
🔮 Bonus - Unlock the Secrets with Business Tarot 101:
  • Access our exclusive course designed to demystify Tarot and Oracle cards for business.
  • Whether you're a seasoned reader or just starting out, learn how to connect with your business on a different spiritual level.

If you're an entrepreneur seeking to add a sprinkle of magic to your business endeavors, you're in the right place. Our community is a haven for those who want to:

  • Gain confidence in using mystical tools like crystals and Tarot cards in an office environment.
  • Learn to consult the Soul of their business before making pivotal decisions.
  • Have more fun throughout the day while living with more gratitude and intention.
🌟 Why We're Unique:The New Woo Business Crew is your go-to destination for woo-woo wisdom applied to business. We're here to elevate your entrepreneurial journey to new heights and help you unleash your inner mystic and embark on a path of intention, focus, and purpose.

💫 Your Transformation Awaits:Joining our crew means you're on a transformative journey towards intentionality, focus, and purpose. You'll discover why you're doing what you do, and you'll infuse your efforts with a sense of clarity and mindfulness.

🦄 Ready to Embrace the Mystical in Your Business?With the New Woo Business Crew, it's not just business - it's a magical adventure waiting to unfold. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to intentionality. For less than the cost of your weekly coffee, you can embark on this enchanting journey of self-discovery and business empowerment.

🌠 Become a Member Today and step into a world where business meets the mystical. Your journey of transformation begins now! 🌠

New Woo Business Crew Monthly Membership

  • Digital Workbook and Printables
  • Monthly Collective Energy Reading
  • Journal Prompts
  • Crystal Power of the Month
  • Bonus: Access to Business Tarot 101

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  • Bonus: be first in line for the monthly Full Moon Tarot Readings at the New Woo Crew

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The magic that is waiting for you will be found in moments of intention.